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Captcha Verification

Make new members pass a captcha before they can gain full access to your server


Server Locking & Access Codes

Open and close your server to new members, but allow certain members to join with a custom access code.


Permission Management

Manage the permissions of roles within your server.


2FA Authentication

Require your mods and admins to have 2FA enabled before having dangerous permissions.



Easily run giveaways and collect wallet addresses through Pandez Tools.


Advanced Giveaway Requirements

Create advanced requirements in order for members to join a giveaway.

Bots by Pandez Labs


Pandez Guard

A Discord security bot that protects your community from bot raids and other unpleasant bot interactions with it's advanced verification system and server locking capabilities.


Pandez Shield

A Discord security bot that adds an extra layer of authentication when performing dangerous server actions.


Pandez Tools

Pandez Tools is a complex giveaway bot with advanced features that make it easy for groups to give away prizes, whitelist spots and more.


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